Our Recommendations

  • Develop your sense of smell by smelling different tequilas softly on champagne flute or Riedel tequila cups before it drinking straight. Inhalation must be 15 cm away from cup focusing on its center.

  • The first drink should be small as possible because our mouth is not used to take 40% alc vol directly. After it keep your tequila sip in your mouth between 3 – 5 seconds without breathing. Enjoy more rest of your cup with small sips.

  • A cocktail that lets you enjoy the pure flavors of your distillate is as simple as adding mineral water, 1/4 lemon juice and ice. Taste clean, fresh and keeps you hydrated while enjoying drinking it.

  • Pairing also exists for spirits, find the right match for it. For BLANCO we recommend seafood, chicken and tropical fruits (in kitchen marinated shrimp tequila is always an excellent dish), for REPOSADOS nuts, sausages, ham and strong cheese type. For AÑEJOS coffee, cakes, cookies, chocolates and ice cream.

  • If you are abroad, always look for tequilas bottled in Mexico, unfortunately some can be diluted outside reducing its quality and causing unwanted effects. As a regulation rule, tequila must be packaged between 35% and 55% alc. Vol. Anything below that standard is not tequila, it is a liqueur or other beverage.