Raicilla production process has been using only wild plants, however these have gradually been decreasing so we have taken the time to grow new plants of the maximiliana type with a growth process based on seed. Unlike tequilana clones reproduction, our plants grow healthier and less disease-prone.

Long time ago clandestine production was attributed to Raicilla process made on settlements far removed from the large cities of that time, it has been said that it was originally used to disguise this type of agave spirit and escape restrictions on alcohol production and related taxes.

Other unique characteristics besides the artisan process are:
• Lechuguillas grow faster than other agaves such as blue agave (tequila) and most of them are smaller in size.
• Most plants are wild and difficult to find around mountainous terrain in the western highlands. Obviously that is changing thanks to our sustainability reproduction project.
• It offers a delicious and unique citrus and floral fragrance, easy to distinguish between other distillates made from agave like Tequila, Mezcal, etc.
*You need aprox 10 kg to make 1 litter of raicilla double distilled, 40% alc. Vol.
• The productions are limited and relatively small, sometimes only 50 liters are distilled per month.
* Its consumption is mainly by the community of the area.


We know that to have the best product we need to stick as much as possible to traditional and artisanal production methods. It takes more time, but in the end it is totally worth it.
It is recommended to enjoy it pure and sipping it slowly directly from the “caballito” glass or mixing with ice and grapefruit soda.

Favorite cocktail we recommend is:
• 1.5 oz Raicilla
• 1.5 oz red fruit juice
• 0.5 oz of hibiscus extract
• ½ lemmon
• A bunch of hibiscus dry flowers
• Pinch of sea salt.
• Ice cubes
• Mineral Water