[sm_empty_space height=”50px”][sm_section_header title=”Silver”][sm_column_text]This 100% blue agave offers a delicious experience of cooked agave, pineapple, critics

and fresh herbs with earth notes. Versatile tequila great for shoots and awesome cocktails.[/sm_column_text]

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[sm_empty_space height=”50px”][sm_section_header title=”Aged”][sm_column_text]Aged 7 months in oak barrels, this reposado is an exquisite smooth tequila. You can appreciate sweet vanilla and caramel notes with a touch of orange.

You get an exceptional balance of blanco agave intense flavor and some aged añejo notes, with floral and spice flavors and gentle sweet honey. Appreciate a seductive finish, showing tremendous depth and intensity without losing any charm.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_empty_space height=”50px”][sm_section_header title=”Extra Aged”][sm_column_text]Pure ripe sweet, rich flavors mellowing with time. Añejos are getting popularity on recent years thanks to its complex personality, result of long term aging on oak barrels from U.S.A., highly recommended to enjoy it by itself or on the rocks sipping each drop of this master piece.[/sm_column_text]
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