The clandestine elaboration was attributed mostly because its production was made in faraway settlements from big cities of that time.

It has been said, it was originally used to disguise this type of distill spirit in order to escape restrictions on alcohol production and avoid taxes.

Other unique characteristics besides its craft process are:

  • Lechuguillas grow faster than other agaves such as blue agave (tequila) and have smaller sizes.

  • They are mostly wild plants able to find through a tough searches around the mountains.

  • Raicilla keeps a unique delicious fragrant with citric and floral notes.

  • It is not regulated yet by any “Consejo Regulador”.

  • Productions are limited and quite small sometime only 50 litters are distilled every month.

  • Most consumption is mainly done the community of the zone.

We know in order to have the best product we need to stick to craft methods as much as possible. It takes more time but at the end it is totally worth it!

We recommend enjoying Raicilla straight on a sipping glass or mixing it with ice and grapefruit soda.


Starts by selecting only the best “lechuguillas” in the wild hills around Jalisco Sierra Madre Occidental area. Once we cut the agave heart, we roast it for 40 hours in clay ovens, after we need to smash them with a hammer to squeeze all juices and move them directly to oak barrels for natural fermentation. Finally after double distillation in copper alembic stills we move on to bottle an exceptional Raicilla.

To save this extraordinary spirit we use a handmade – hand painted ceramic cap which represents the “Lechuguilla” agave shape and a crystalline premium bottle with “Huichol” inlay. “Huichol” is a Pre- Hispanic culture located largely in the geographical region of Jalisco.